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Mindfully designing,
conscious spaces.

Interplay, by definition, refers to the dynamic interaction and exchange between different elements, creating a harmonious and engaging experience.

Welcome to Studio Interplay, a leading interior designing company in Gurgaon where transformation is based on empathy. This is Studio Interplay, where innovation and expertise take the limelight. We don’t simply create rooms, we craft engaging experiences on the walls and decor. Time and again, we have been listed as one of the top interior design companies in India because we are driven by a passion for excellence that leads to harmonious and impactful spaces.

As you search for an interior designer near me, chances are high that you will come across Studio Interplay’s incredible portfolio of successful projects. We are meticulous in our attention to detail, ensuring every element seamlessly integrates to create captivating spaces and experiences. As the best interior designing company across Delhi NCR, our team is fuelled by innovation and understanding, as a result, all our projects align with the expectations of the clients.

We often top the list of best interior designer near me, and the reasons are quite justified. Our competent team offers comprehensive services - from spatial design and architectural planning to the selection of premium materials and the creation of bespoke furniture, our turnkey solutions ensure a seamless and hassle-free experience for our clients. We take pride in our ability to understand your unique requirements and translate them into extraordinary spaces that reflect your personal style and elevate your everyday experiences. With a strong focus on delivering exceptional results, we invite you to experience the magic with Studio Interplay.​


From Brainstorming to Execution

Your preferences, our execution! As a noted interior design company in Gurgaon, we specialize in creating spaces reflecting your unique style and taste.

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Expert-led Interior Design Planning

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Curating modern, elegant, and stylish interiors

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Keeping the Extravagant Touch Alive




We were able to touch the list of top interior design companies in India because of our empathetic approach. We work closely with the clients to help develop their vision and translate it into a bespoke design while achieving a unique identity. The idea is to design a space that has a sense of purpose. We believe in creating functional and aesthetical environments where humans feel comfortable and at peace as soon as they walk in.

As part of this philosophy, we include our clients in every step of the creative process to ensure that our work is exactly what they envisioned. And, the outcome tends to correspond to the many wishes of the client resulting in complete contentment.



Meet your Designer

Thorough discussion with our clients for proper analysis.

Schematic Designs

Detailed 3D visualizations of the proposed design for utmost clarity.

The Follow Up

Our team stays connected with every client to comprehend their post-installation feelings & work on modifications.






Concept Development

We work closely with the client to understand their unique requirements and preferences.

Production & Installation

We closely monitor and supervise the construction process to ensure premium results.


Working with Studio Interplay was an impeccable experience. The experts at Studio Interplay were professional and top-notch from the word ‘Go.’ Right from conceptualization and design to execution, my experience was hassle-free and great.

Mr. Prem K Rewari

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