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Difference Between Classic Vs. Modern Classic Interior Design

Updated: Feb 24

There is a fair amount of people who find solace in rooms exuding comfort, art, and vintage style. For them, the classic home interior design is the ideal fit. This interior design style is inspired by 18th and 19th-century European decor, and therefore, you will find an elevated amount of grace in the same. If you have been looking for a design that is defined by artistry, classic art pieces, symmetry, and similar elements, then a classic interior design is what you should be seeking. 

One thing that many people are unaware of is the presence of a distinctive style known as ‘modern classific interior design’. So, what is the main difference between classic and modern classic interior design? Let us dig deeper into the difference in this blog. 

A Comprehensive Introduction to Classic House Design

The term classic interior design is sort of a ‘vague’ one because it doesn’t speak of a particular era or period. The eternal elegance of classical house design is derived from historical eras such as the Victorian, Baroque, and Renaissance periods. Classic designs radiate refinement with their elaborate details, vibrant colours, and sumptuous furnishings. Exquisite textiles, chandeliers, and intricate mouldings add to the majesty of traditional home design. A formal and melodic atmosphere is produced by the predominant emphasis on symmetry and balance.

Many consider classic interior design to be dull and predictable. But, on a clearer note, this style has tonnes to offer in terms of creativity. Although it is true that if you are looking for vibrance and eccentricity, this style might not be the ideal one to offer that. What you will get is consistency, symmetry, and a systematic style of living. This is the reason, homeowners who like timeless art and history are often intrigued by this design. 

Features of Classic House Design

Did you find the classic home design appropriate to your style? Then check out some of its salient features.

  1. The classic interior design is directed towards the creation of a home that is inviting, affluent, and has warmth. 

  2. You get to play around with distinctive styles and choose the one that suits your personality because the timespan extends for two centuries. 

  3. This style is a great fit for all ages since it has a deep sense of familiarity. 

  4. While many people consider classic interior design to be boring, a great deal of artistic treasures have been discovered in similar houses that hold a striking back story.

  5. The classic interior design is driven by symmetry and vibrance. 

  6. Window treatments were a thing during this time. Most of them had neutral-coloured draperies extending from the ceiling to the floor and charming velvet curtains to adorn them. 

Difference Between Classic Vs. Modern Classic Interior Design

A Comprehensive Introduction to Modern Classic Interior Design

Modern classic interior design, in contrast to classic house design, skillfully combines classic components with innovative flare. If we talk about the dates, the modern classic interior design goes back to the 1900s to 1950s when the design was defined by the phrase ‘the style of the moment’. One of the primary features of modern classic interior design is the constant evolution that it undergoes. The modern classic interior design made its mark around the 20th century and made people confused with the contemporary style. 

This style integrates contemporary aesthetics like clean lines, minimalism, and neutral colour palettes while preserving the timeless elegance of classic design. Refined takes on traditional shapes can be seen in furniture and décor pieces, providing a contrast between luxury and minimalism. The end effect is a classic yet energising ambience that appeals to people who value the blending of traditional beauty and contemporary utility. One vital feature of modern classic interior design is, that its roots are found in  German and Scandinavian architecture. 

Features of Modern Classic Interior Design

Are you fascinated by the layout and form of modern classic interior design? Then explore the salient features of the same. 

  1. You can readily identify modern interiors by glimpsing through well-defined lines, a natural colour palette, and minimalistic use of decor. 

  2. This style is mostly driven by practicality and logic. 

  3. Contemporary modern classic interior design might seem abstract and this is because the interior designers are more focused on practicality rather than layout. 

  4. They truly follow the saying of ‘less is more’. 

  5. A striking feature of modern classic house design is big window panes paired with minimalist dressing. The purpose is to let as much natural light as possible. 

  6. Visible areas like walls, mantels, tabletops, etc, are decluttered. And, open floors are also common sights. 

Classic House Design


In conclusion, each of the two interior design philosophies—classic and modern—offers distinct advantages and allure. Being one of the best interior designers in Gurgaon, Studio Interplay can help you realize your vision with their skill and imagination, regardless of your preference for the classic elegance that never goes out of style or the modern flare of modern classic design. Studio Interplay can design a place that precisely represents your aesthetic preferences and personal style thanks to their extensive expertise of both traditional and current design ideas.

Are you looking to transform your space with professional interior design? Connect with us today and secure your first free consultation slot now!


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