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Palak Ranpura

Co-founder & Creative Director

Our Creative Director, a true creative powerhouse at Studio Interplay. With an unwavering commitment to innovation and an unparalleled artistic flair, she redefines the boundaries of design excellence while embodying a core belief in designing with empathy.

At the heart of her approach is the belief that great design should evoke emotions and connect with people on a deeper level. She recognizes the profound impact that well-designed spaces can have on our well-being and experiences.

She actively engages with clients, encouraging open dialogue and listening intently to their stories, aspirations, and desires. This deep understanding allows her to infuse her designs with a sense of personal connection and authenticity, resulting in spaces that are truly meaningful and reflective of their intended purpose.

With her at the helm, we continue to push the boundaries of design, crafting spaces that resonate deeply with those who inhabit them.

Palak Ranpura
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