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Sushil Puri


Sushil Puri, our highly accomplished mentor at Studio Interplay, whose extensive work experience spans over 40 years. Throughout his illustrious career, Sushil has made significant contributions across a diverse range of industries, including telecommunications, finance, real estate, jewelry, automotive, healthcare, and more.

As a seasoned entrepreneur, Sushil has been involved as a founder or co-founder in multiple startups. His entrepreneurial journey has been marked by successfully establishing and nurturing these ventures, helping them thrive and achieve remarkable growth.

His mentorship fosters a culture of innovation and excellence within our organization, empowering us to deliver exceptional design solutions and exceed client expectations.

Sushil Puri's profound contributions to the entrepreneurial landscape and his unwavering dedication to driving success make him an esteemed and respected figure at Studio Interplay. His invaluable expertise and guidance continue to shape the growth and achievements of our firm.

Sushil Puri
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