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Spacious Living Room


Studio Interplay was founded by Aditya and Palak, who share a genuine passion for design and a vision to redefine how clients experience their surroundings. They believe in the transformative power of design to enrich lives and spaces. The core values of Studio Interplay revolve around functionality, aesthetics, and empathy, as they genuinely care about creating environments that deeply resonate with their clients.


However, Studio Interplay's approach extends beyond the surface. Empathy lies at the heart of their design philosophy. They take the time to genuinely understand their client's stories, desires, and aspirations. By establishing a personal connection, they can create spaces that truly reflect the clients' identities, fostering a sense of belonging and harmony.


Studio Interplay is driven by an unwavering commitment to design excellence and innovation. Aditya and Palak, the driving forces behind the studio, continuously push the boundaries of creativity, firmly believing in the transformative power of interplay to shape remarkable spaces.

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Meet the Founders

Proud and Professional

These visionaries have poured their hearts into shaping Studio Interplay, blending their diverse talents, expertise, and shared vision to create an unmatched experience for their beloved clients. 

Aditya Puri

Managing Director

A visionary architect with a passion for creating extraordinary spaces.  His keen eye for design and seamless blend of aesthetics as well as functionality results in spaces that are not only visually stunning but also practical and purposeful. 

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Palak Ranpura

Creative Director

A creative powerhouse at Studio Interplay, with a passion for creating beautiful spaces. Her core belief is to design with empathy, and carefully consider every element of a space to create an immersive sensory experience.

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