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Envisioning stunning designs or contemplating luxurious home interiors?Achieving all this is effortlessly possible with the expertise of our innovative designers at your disposal.

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Won’t you feel ecstatic to enter a house that makes you feel complete?

We believe that truly inspiring spaces are the ones that effortlessly blend conscious design, aesthetics and functionality. Studio Interplay, one of the top interior design companies in Gurgaon, strive to design spaces our clients enjoy returning to. What catches the attention of many is our continuous strive towards exhibiting the most elemental of things aesthetically. 

As a group of young and vibrant interior designers, we strongly believe that to make a place beautiful, it must be designed while keeping the people who inhabit it in mind. Each of our interior design projects reflects the unique story of its residents. Let us guide you, combining our expertise with your dreams. Together, we'll create a sanctuary that brings joy to your everyday life and truly reflects your essence.


How about entering a space that instantly feels like home?

The architectural services at Studio Interplay, promise to curate a space that is uniquely you. Each and every one of our architectural designs exudes a certain level of empathy that resonates with our clients, With meticulous attention to detail and a dedication to open collaboration, we work closely with you to bring your vision to life. We believe that the best results are achieved through a partnership where your ideas and aspirations are at the forefront.

We do create magic. As one of the top architects in Gurgaon, Studio Interplay and the team mindfully carve designs filled with compassion. Our design philosophy is rooted in the fact that we wish to create spaces that engage our clients and inspire them. A great part is played by our unwavering effort towards ensuring sustainability and implementation of eco-friendly practices.

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Don’t you like it when your furniture is personalized according to your taste and personality?

We, at, Studio Interplay like to experiment. And as a result, our bespoke furniture service has gained much traction. Our talented craftsmen have brought our clients' imaginations to life perfectly. Each of our pieces complements the exclusivity of the space.


Clueless about how to handle your design project? Running short of ideas?

Take the stress out of project handling! With our Project Management services, we've got your back. And, this is solely because of our diligent project managers who assure consistently, excellence, and successful completion. our project management ensures your vision comes to life seamlessly. From strategic planning to timely execution and quality assurance, we handle it all. From strategic planning to timely execution, we prioritize effective communication, cost-efficiency, and quality assurance. Let's turn your construction project into a success story together.

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Do you have a particular design concept in your mind that you would like to get clarity on?

Our clients deserve to have total clarity of their dream home’s design. Therefore, Studio Interplay seeks to present the best-in-class 3D visualization of their project. We deliver the exact version of their envisioned space by utilizing contemporary 3D software. Our 3D visualizations have constantly intrigued clients and helped all of us get on the same page.


At Studio Interplay, we are committed to delivering exceptional design solutions that surpass your expectations. Choose our design consultancy or turnkey solution to transform your space with creativity and precision.We do all of this, fueled by plenty of coffee. Get in touch with us today and let's chat about what we can do to make your space truly special. We can't wait to hear from you!


Need an interior designing agency delivering trouble-free and amazing solutions?

Our talented group of creatives take pride in offering worthwhile design solutions. Together, we plan, discuss, and come up with a design and feel that complements your style. The approach revolves around your ideas, guaranteeing that the finished product exceeds your expectations. We can help with everything from design to colours. Let's design your area to reflect your individuality!
Studio Interplay can truly be declared a dependable partner in turning imaginations into expressions through exceptional design. Cheers to our dedication to efficiency and prioritising individualised insights!


Not finding any interior design that complements your individuality?

Taking care of every aspect from conception to completion, Studio Interplay's turnkey interior design services offer a hassle-free experience. We integrate project management, procurement, and design smoothly and offer a full solution. While working with us, you can relax knowing that a stunning and functional interior is waiting for them, designed by a team of experts. Turnkey services from Studio Interplay vouches to elevate your space and provide a transformative interior design experience by combining creativity and efficiency.


Isn’t it time you give a makeover to your beloved house or office?

With Studio Interplay's restoration and renovation services, transforming spaces is a breeze. Our talented crew thoughtfully restores spaces by merging innovation with discreet conservation. Our brilliant designs are meant to revive your forgotten space into a magnificent one. We put immense thought into bringing back the beauty of a place by adopting collaboration. We prioritise both practicality and style, in homes with new life through creative makeovers. Together, we breathe new life into your spaces while skillfully blending the old and the modern!

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Interplay, by definition, refers to the dynamic interaction and exchange between different elements, creating a harmonious and engaging experience.



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How It Works

We offer a new outlook on residential interiors, emphasizing the creation of visually appealing, practical, and forward-looking spaces.

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  • What is the general rule in interior design?
    In interior design, the general rule is to create a harmonious balance between different aspects, such as colour, scale, and furniture arrangement. Three important guidelines are emphasis, proportion, and unity. Well-designed spaces have a consistent colour scheme, balance of visual weight, and focus on key areas. The ultimate objective is to design a space that is both practical and visually beautiful.
  • Why choose interior design services?
    Selecting interior design services guarantees a skilled touch to turn areas into unique retreats. Designers are knowledgeable at sourcing furnishings, choosing harmonious colour schemes, and optimising layouts. They take into account personal preferences to design spaces that are both aesthetically beautiful and useful. Interior designers improve rooms with a keen eye for detail and industry knowledge, offering a customised experience that fits the goals and lifestyle requirements of their clients.
  • What is the golden rule of interior design?
    The goal of design harmony and balance is the golden rule of decorating. It entails arranging the components with consideration for colour, texture, and proportion. Through symmetrical or asymmetrical layouts, the golden rule ensures a harmonious balance that promotes a visually appealing and unified aesthetic. This idea directs decorators in creating environments that are both aesthetically beautiful and useful, leading to a well-thought-out and welcoming setting.
  • What are the features of the top interior design agencies?
    Top interior design firms, like Studio Interplay, exhibit a fusion of originality, practicality, and customer-focused strategies. They put a high value on customer engagement, accommodate a range of project sizes, and thrive at creative designs. These firms produce revolutionary designs, as seen by their extensive portfolio of both residential and commercial buildings. By focusing on the little things, they make sure that structures act as functional masterpieces as well.
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