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5 Ideas for Home Interiors Gurgaon - Best Suited for Smaller Homes

Updated: Mar 21

Are you a recent graduate who has just shifted to a metropolitan area for career growth? Are you residing in a teeny-tiny unfurnished city apartment and clueless about how to decorate it? Are you perplexed by the countless interior design ideas and don’t have time to try what works out? If the answer to any of these questions is a ‘YES’, then this blog is made for you. Cities like Bangalore, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, and more, are filled with urban populations residing in small apartments under 600 or 700 square feet. A few seasoned experts in the field of home interiors Gurgaon share their tips on transforming a small space into a beautiful home.

5 Exceptional Ideas for Small Home Interiors Gurgaon

Decorating a compact space entails immense patience, an inventive mindset, strategic planning, and adept knowledge of ongoing trends. The ultimate catch while designing a small space is maximising the functionality in that limited space. Let us dive into the top 5 home interior design ideas for small house.

Multi-Functional Furniture

If there is one thing that instantly takes away the charm of a small space is a cramped furniture layout. Only purchasing trendy furniture for the sake of it is both a waste of money and space. Mindful furniture placement is the key, which multi-functional rooms can obtain. What do we mean by multi-functional furniture? So let’s say a bed that turns into a sofa, a coffee table with generous storage solutions, an adaptable dining table that can be folded against the wall when not in use, a console table with multiple drawers and extra shelves for storage, and so on. The purpose is to offer an effortless appearance by merging different spaces. Don’t forget to try out merging your workspace with your dining space - it works wonders.

5 Ideas for Home Interiors Gurgaon - Best Suited for Smaller Homes

Introduce Layered Lighting Paired with Lighter Colours

Words from reputed home interior designers in Gurgaon emphasise the power of layered lighting blended with lighter colours. What is so remarkable about layered lighting? This approach incorporates three lighting techniques for illuminating the room thoroughly. The best part about layer lighting is that every layer complements the other to establish a charming and aesthetically pleasing room. Let us check how you can incorporate layered lighting in your small space:

  1. Ambient Lighting: Ambient lighting forms the foundation for a well-lit and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere. Strategically placed ceiling fixtures, wall sconces or recessed lights are commonly used to achieve a completely lit space.

  2. Task Lighting: Right after the moment ambient lighting has evenly lightened up the whole space, it is time for task lighting to show its magic by accentuating particular spaces. For instance, the stovetop or countertop of our kitchens mostly stays gloomy with hardly any light. With task lighting, you can brighten up that space. You can also brighten up your work desk with a beautiful table lamp.

  3. Accent Lighting: The last lighting layer is the accent layer; it emphasises focal points and decorative elements in any space. It adds drama and visual interest, highlighting objects like architectural elements, wall art, decor pieces, plants, etc. A few examples would include spotlights, track lights and wall-mounted picture lights.

5 Ideas for Home Interiors Gurgaon

Add Height to your Small Space Through Vertical Elements

Who told small spaces cannot be made interesting? A small space can be turned into a beautiful haven by incorporating vertical art and decor. The key lies in maximising the available space by strategically placing decor items. Instead of opting for standing pieces that consume valuable space, consider hanging artwork, mirrors, hanging plants, shelves and decor on your walls to draw the eyes upwards.. By positioning these pieces upward, you can cleverly create an illusion of height. Vertical art and storage are among the common home interior design ideas for small house as it offers space maximisation.

Add Height to your Small Space Through Vertical Elements

Strategic Curtain Placement

Curtains are one of the most underrated elements in a room. With an appropriate choice of curtains, the entire look of any room can be evolved. The reflection coming from the curtains directly creates an illusion of bigger windows and higher ceilings - all in all, making your room appear bigger. Experts of home interiors Gurgaon often recommend opting for full-height floor-to-ceiling curtains in lighter shades and sheer fabrics. These choices allow natural sunlight to permeate the space, creating a bright and airy ambience.

Strategic Curtain Placement

Utilizing Overlooked Nooks and Corners

If you analyse carefully, every nook and corner holds immense possibilities. Transform awkward corners into functional areas like cozy reading spots with a comfortable chair, a small workspace with a floating desk, or a mini indoor garden with wall-mounted planters; you can also create a cozy corner for your pet. The key to utilizing nooks and corners effectively is to think creatively about the specific needs of your household.

Utilising overlooked nooks and corners

In conclusion, for smaller homes, incorporating specific interior design trends can work wonders in maximizing space, fostering a sense of openness, and enhancing functionality. The five trends we've explored – multi-functional furniture, layered lighting, vertical storage, curtain placements, and utilization of every corner – all prove to be effective strategies for small spaces. By embracing these trends, homeowners can easily achieve a seamless blend of aesthetics and practicality, making the most out of their limited square footage. You can try out Studio Interplay’s exceptional creative solutions for making the most of your small space.


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