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At Studio Interplay, we believe that teamwork and an extensive understanding of our client's needs are the cornerstones of providing outstanding commercial architectural services in Faridabad. We take great satisfaction in building a one-on-one relationship with each of our clients, encouraging confidence and transparency through the design process. Our company consists of gifted and creative architects in Faridabad who approach each project with new ideas and inventive solutions.

We recognise that in order to create surroundings that boost productivity and stimulate creativity, commercial spaces must smoothly combine practicality with aesthetics. We work mindfully to build environments that effectively fulfil their intended purposes in addition to being aesthetically pleasing. We create environments that meet our client's specific wants and preferences by carefully taking into account their daily routines and desires.


We have extensive experience providing commercial architectural services in Faridabad to a variety of industries, such as retail establishments, office buildings, hospitality facilities, and more. Our architects in Faridabad carefully design and carry out every project, guaranteeing attention to detail and respect for quality standards, from creation to delivery. We work deliberately to design environments that not only satisfy our clients' demands but also have a beneficial impact on the environment and community, with an emphasis on innovation and sustainability.


Empathy is the cornerstone of our strategy. To create designs that personally connect with our clients, we think it is essential to fully comprehend their viewpoints, goals, and obstacles. To create a solid rapport and trust with our clients, our compassionate designers take the time to listen and understand them. This helps us to realise their visions. Our architects in Faridabad are aware that a location's beauty is not solely derived from its aesthetic qualities but also from the careful planning that goes into how people will use and interact with it daily.

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Initial Discussion & Site Analysis

At Studio Interplay, we start with a discussion to understand your tastes and needs. Then, we carefully examine your location to gather information and identify design improvement opportunities.

Seamless Execution & Quality Checks

Our commercial architect team promptly executes the finalized design, closely monitoring every aspect. Routine tests ensure proper implementation and adherence to our quality standards.



We provide ongoing support post-project completion. Count on our dedicated team to address any issues or questions promptly.






Architecture Briefing & Development

We create an exhaustive design brief based on our conversations and location assessment. To ensure a similar thought process before moving forward, this document details our ideas and goals for your commercial space.

Project Handover & Addressing Feedback

Upon completion of the project, we carefully give it over to you. We also appreciate any input that you may have and will respond swiftly to ensure your complete satisfaction.

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Interplay, by definition, refers to the dynamic interaction and exchange between different elements, creating a harmonious and engaging experience.



Why Us

Studio Interplay, the best interior designing company in India, holds comprehensive experience in delivering the finest and most empathetic designs. It is through the sheer dedication of our devoted team that we have managed to be top of the list of interior design consultancy services across the whole of India. What sets us apart is our constant strive towards offering elegant and functional design solutions, thereby ensuring client satisfaction.

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Our Services
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Bespoke Furniture
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  • What is the general rule in interior design?
    In interior design, the general rule is to create a harmonious balance between different aspects, such as colour, scale, and furniture arrangement. Three important guidelines are emphasis, proportion, and unity. Well-designed spaces have a consistent colour scheme, balance of visual weight, and focus on key areas. The ultimate objective is to design a space that is both practical and visually beautiful.
  • Why choose interior design services?
    Selecting interior design services guarantees a skilled touch to turn areas into unique retreats. Designers are knowledgeable at sourcing furnishings, choosing harmonious colour schemes, and optimising layouts. They take into account personal preferences to design spaces that are both aesthetically beautiful and useful. Interior designers improve rooms with a keen eye for detail and industry knowledge, offering a customised experience that fits the goals and lifestyle requirements of their clients.
  • What is the golden rule of interior design?
    The goal of design harmony and balance is the golden rule of decorating. It entails arranging the components with consideration for colour, texture, and proportion. Through symmetrical or asymmetrical layouts, the golden rule ensures a harmonious balance that promotes a visually appealing and unified aesthetic. This idea directs decorators in creating environments that are both aesthetically beautiful and useful, leading to a well-thought-out and welcoming setting.
  • What are the features of the top interior design agencies?
    Top interior design firms, like Studio Interplay, exhibit a fusion of originality, practicality, and customer-focused strategies. They put a high value on customer engagement, accommodate a range of project sizes, and thrive at creative designs. These firms produce revolutionary designs, as seen by their extensive portfolio of both residential and commercial buildings. By focusing on the little things, they make sure that structures act as functional masterpieces as well.
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