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10 Topnotch Design Ideas For A Groundbreaking First-Impression

Updated: Mar 21

What generally catches your attention when you walk into someone’s home or a restaurant? The majority will answer the interiors. Well, interior design is one of the first things most people notice upon entering a new place. Therefore, first impressions often make an undying impression on people's minds. An aesthetic interior often works as a conversation starter. It talks about your tastes and personality in general. So, why not opt for only the best design for home interior?

Having a flawless interior is not only a prerequisite for your home but your office as well. As a founder, you would undoubtedly want your people to grind at the best-looking place. To ensure this, you must clearly envision the top interior design ideas.

10 Topnotch Design Ideas For A Groundbreaking First-Impression

10 Excellent Design Ideas Shared by the Top Interior Designer in Gurgaon

Are you planning to revamp your corporate office interior design? Are you looking forward to the best design for home interior? If yes, then the following design ideas would be beneficial.

Switch to Hanging Pendant Lights

You might have noticed how lights act as the making or breaking ground of the interiors. Lights genuinely have the power to recast the entire place and are unquestionably a reasonable element to impress guests. Blend classic with contemporary and select hanging pendant lights. Lights like these exude an air of elegance and refinement.

Free-Flowing Layouts are the Thing of Today

Free-flowing spaces bring forward a feeling of delight and extravagance. It is because of this visual expansion that designers often consider this as the best design for home interior. This style involves limited interior walls, immense natural light, and ample ventilation. Free-flowing layouts are ideal for office or entertainment places.

Make Way for Greenery

Adding greens are perfect ways of enriching your space. Not only will it add aesthetic appeal to your room, but it might also reduce stress levels, sharpen your attention span, help you recover from illness faster, act as a therapeutic element, and more. You will get numerous potted plants in the market to choose from. You can, furthermore, experiment with diverse pots concerning colours, shapes, and sizes. There is an immense variety of plants, from palms to tiny succulents.

Blend in Some Metals

Having some metal accents in your ambience will make your home interiors immaculate. You can opt for silver, bronze, brushed gold, brass or chrome pieces to escalate the elegance of your place. For your corporate office interior design, you can select some crystal accessories as well, along with metal.

Decorate your Walls

Finding suitable wallpaper or wall paint is an uphill battle. The wallpaper trend is continuously rising because of its comparatively affordable price. You can experiment with unusual patterns, colours, and designs if you are planning to impress your guest and wish to give an embellished effect. People who are more inclined towards contemporary designs can choose more minimal or abstract forms. Nothing beats an accent wall full of art.

Opt for Light Color Woodwork

Attention all minimalist lovers, light color woodwork would be the ideal way to elevate your spaces. Regardless of what colour dominates your house, lighter neutral shades have the ability to pair with anything and everything. The contrast of white with other colours creates an eye-catching appearance along with maintaining a light and airy feel.

Graceful Floorings

One of the first things that catches our eye when walking into a new place is its flooring. Most of us find shiny floorings quite majestic, such as a 5-star hotel. For you to create a magnificent interior, it is essential to look into the quality and materials used in making the floor. If the materials are not up to the mark, it will needlessly make it look shabby. Is it a white tile? Or wooden flooring? Or porcelain floor? Whatever you choose, ensure the mastery of the craftsmanship by choosing the right contractor for the job.

Colour Scheme Aligning with Your Personality

As already discussed, your home emits your personality and taste. Therefore, what colour you choose is directly related to your essence. Generally, people go with warm tones since they give a welcoming, vibrant, and lively ambience. When guests enter your home, they will undoubtedly appreciate its inviting warmth.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Every top interior designers in gurgaon appreciates the presence of mirrors to develop an illusion of a vast space or add a luminous glow to any space. You will notice how the strategic placement of the mirrors will lead to a beautiful and subtle place - made bigger effortlessly. If you have compact rooms, mirrors on the walls are the way to go.

10 Topnotch Design Ideas For A Groundbreaking First-Impression

Don’t Miss Out on the Washrooms Your washroom is a significant part of your home, don’t overlook its appearance. Guests often get swayed by the sight of a magnificent washroom with glistening tiles, warm-toned lights, wall-to-wall mirrors, state-of-the-art fixtures, and so on. Apart from the interiors, put some soft towels, potpourri, scented candles, some plants, (maybe some paintings as well?).

The aforementioned design tips are equally favourable for both house and office interior design. Apart from following the above tips, one thing to ensure is associating with the correct interior designer - someone who would heed your desires and aspirations. Studio Interplay is one of those few interior designing companies in Gurgaon that wholeheartedly try to make their client’s dreams into reality.


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