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Differences Between Minimalist & Scandinavian Interior Design

Updated: 6 days ago

Have you ever imagined a home that is both chic and serene? If yes, then two prominent design styles, Scandinavian interior design and minimalist interior design, may be calling your name! Both of these approaches are known for producing clean, uncomplicated rooms that prioritize function and beauty. However, before you start decorating, recognizing the major distinctions between Scandinavian interior design and minimalism will help you select the best style to represent your personality and construct your dream house. Let's look at what makes each strategy unique! This blog is penned by Studio Interplay, a well-known interior designing company in Gurgaon offering impeccable design solutions.


Understanding the Basics of Minimalist and Scandinavian Interior Design

The minimalist interior design style is synonymous with simplicity and space, a distinctively spiritual and philosophical undertone. On the other hand, Scandinavian design was crafted on a history of functional, pragmatic, and restorative home-keeping. What makes the Scandinavian interior design style a bit unique is how it leaves you an abundance of room to embrace the possessions you adore. 

A Sneak-Peek Into Scandinavian Interior Design 

Scandinavian design arrived on the international scene in the early to mid-20th century. The Scandinavian interior design primarily functions on utility and modernism. Hygge concepts immensely balance the industrial and forward-thinking foundations of the style. This style was mainly uncovered by the Nordic and Swedish countries when the Americans were pursuing the minimalist concept. 

Differences Between Minimalist & Scandinavian Interior Design

Conscious buying, gradually evolving interior designs radiating tranquillity, enhanced work-life balance, and additional elements are some of the primary elements as pointed out by the Top interior design services in Gurgaon. Oh, we certainly cannot look over the fact that this style is durable, unlike the constantly changing trends.


A Sneak-Peek Into Minimalist Interior Design

The term ‘minimalism’ was first used as an explanator of post-World War II visual art that streamlined its significant forms and structure. Minimalist interior design is propelled by the artists who shifted from creating art depicting subjective and self-expression to creating art analytically and objectively. This movement attained acclamation around the 1980s and was influenced by Japanese architecture and Zen philosophy. 

Therefore, you will encounter concepts like non-attachment, ma (space) referring to the space or time “in-between” people, things, or events, and wabi-sabi which are centered around the embracing of transcience and imperfection. Today, every now and then you will hear people clamoring about minimalist interior design when hiring interior designers. 

Scandinavian interior design with perfect Contrast

Scandinavian Interior Design Elements

Are you eager to know more about the Scandinavian design elements? Check out some of the features here. 

1. Hygge

This concept has attained all the eminence because of its togetherness feature. But what exactly is hygge? This is a Danish word that means ‘cozy’ or a similar feeling. By integrating a hygge feel, the person experiences restoration, comfort, and optimism. Hygge interior design is a blend of Scandinavian and minimalist rustic styles that accentuates comfort and contentment without abandoning aesthetic appeal. From neutral colors to natural light, wooden furniture to natural fibres, the hygge concept covers it all. 

2. The Perfect Contrast

In Scandinavian interior design, you will notice a seamless blend of contrasts offering depth and interest. You can incorporate hard and soft, light and dark, old and new. If you are aiming to heighten the appearance, look for contrast in sizeable pieces like furniture, lamps, colours and rugs. 

3. Multi-Functional Pieces

Regardless of whether you are residing in a compact space or a bigger one, you can utilize multipurpose and flexible furniture to incorporate a Scandi look. Furniture recommended by the top interior designer in Gurugram like Studio Interplay, for instance, includes modular kitchen storage, under-the-bed storage, extra drawers and shelves, coffee tables with extra storage, and more. 

4. Nature

Scandinavians tend to have a unique bond with nature, therefore, you will notice an assortment of natural elements in their spaces. To create a pure Scandinavian design look, you can bring more light and air through big windows, move a chair toward an outside view, and bring more and more plants of different sizes and shapes, sculptural wood, and natural vignettes. 

5. Floors

In Scandinavian style, you will find no trace of wall-to-wall carpets. Wooden floors with lighter undertones are generally what this design style encompasses. In case rugs are used, they are mostly area rugs and not complete ones. 

minimalist style living room with chair

Minimalist Interior Design Elements

‘Less is more’, is the mantra on which minimalist style is based. Minimalist interior design prioritizes clean lines, bare essentials, and functionality. It emphasizes a sense of spaciousness with uncluttered surfaces, neutral colour palettes, and carefully chosen furniture pieces that prioritize function over form.

1. Balance is the Cornerstone

Top interior designers put immense accentuation on creating a balanced interior. Designers like Studio Interplay are extra careful in ensuring proportion and balance in the complete space. The visual weight of the room needs to be appropriate and coherence needs to be maintained across your space. 

2. Quality over Quantity

As can be comprehended from the name, the minimalist interior design style employs less but functional furniture. One strategy that always works with minimal interior design is to mindfully choose the furniture that you are going to place in your home. People envisioning a minimalist place generally visualise it to be classy and of premium quality. 

3. The Ploy Lies in the Intricacy

Looking forward to creating a minimalist space? You need to be thoughtful of what you are choosing as decor pieces. You never know, the dullness of your space can be evolved by placing beautifully embroidered rugs and pillowcases or painting a single wall with abstract designs. Textures hold quite some possibility to modify your room and add depth to your interiors. 

Minimal Interior Design Living Room

So, whether you prefer the warmth and functionality of Scandinavian design or the pared-back peace of minimalism, both may lead to a lovely and calming house. Need assistance making a decision? Studio Interplay, a prominent interior design company, can help you. Our team of specialists can assess your needs and preferences, assisting you in turning your design ambitions into a reality that reflects your distinct style. Contact Studio Interplay today to begin your path to the perfect house.


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