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Transform your Concrete Gurgaon Farmhouse to Countryside and Cottage-Core With these Design Tips!

Updated: Mar 21

Gurgaon is undeniably one of the hustling cities in India, enveloped by corporate skyscrapers and limitless career opportunities. Therefore, the happiness of owning a sprawling farmhouse in this concrete jungle is almost unparalleled. And the joy truly strengthens when you design that dream farmhouse into an earthy and rustic countryside retreat. There is no uncertainty in the fact that farmhouses, when adorned with rustic and cottage core themes, appear exquisite.

Now is the right time to engage the services of a competent farmhouse interior designer if you have been contemplating the same for a long time. Countryside designs effortlessly bring the best of nature into the home. These days call for more subtle designs blended with earthy tones, minimalism, and freshness. Your farmhouse can be turned into a beautiful and cosy retreat by incorporating the following features.

Turn your City Farmhouse into a Countryside Retreat with the Modern Farmhouse Interior

Regardless of how extraordinary your design ideas are, in the absence of a suitable farmhouse interior designer the makeover will be ultimately futile. Only experienced designers possess the proficiency to design your farmhouse interiors. Let us check in what ways your farmhouse can be recast.

1. Bringing Back the Wood Essence

Farmhouses scream rustic, and what can describe rustic better than wooden elements? Wood has again made a comeback, and that, too, a grand one. A rustic coffee table placed with boho armchairs with some woven cushions, a sculptural side table made from natural wood, exposed wooden beams in the ceiling or a sculptural wooden headboard is a few elements that might convey a downright earthy essence to your farmhouse.

Wood-embedded furnishings to bring out the opulence of the room

2. Embrace the Nature

Bringing the beauty of nature into your countryside farmhouse interiors is as easy as adding indoor and outdoor plants. Indoor plants not only add a touch of greenery but also purify the air and create a refreshing atmosphere. You can choose tall plants, clusters of potted flowers, or a few sets of small succulents to enhance the visual appeal of your farmhouse. You can also consider adorning your farmhouse with the agile elegance of eucalyptus branches or the timeless appeal of olive trees, instantly enrapturing you to the soul of rustic tranquillity.

Additionally, by incorporating outdoor plants and creating lush gardens, you can seamlessly blend the interior and exterior spaces, transforming your farmhouse into a serene oasis. So, go ahead and let nature's beauty flourish in your countryside farmhouse!

The perfect amalgamation of indoor and outdoor

3. A Countryside Kitchen Design

Offering your kitchen a rustic essence requires a good amount of devotion. Embrace the modern farmhouse interior by introducing natural textures like handcrafted and woven accent furniture, bricked walls, exposed beams, wood cabinetry, and clay or stone tiled roofs. Contemplate blending elements like vintage-inspired fixtures and lighting, butcher board, wooden chairs, open shelves, and elongated stone countertops for a charming appeal. Lastly, create a cosy atmosphere with a large farmhouse-style wooden dining table with some comfortable seating, inviting friends and family to gather and enjoy the heart of your rustic farmhouse kitchen.

 Countryside open kitchens with long tabletop

4. Embrace the Openness

Let’s gear up to relish one of the significant pursuits behind buying a farmhouse - hosting fun parties for family and friends. Therefore, distinctly, your furniture and your space need to be cosy, warm as well as extremely inviting.

An open and inviting space is a ground for optimism and relaxation, making people feel even more welcomed. When you associate with a farmhouse interior design expert like Studio Interplay, you will witness how seamlessly your dream farmhouse is designed, prioritising functionality and aesthetics. Creating a layout that optimises the flow of the space, ensuring convenience and ease of use. They would take into account the specific needs and lifestyle of the inhabitants, incorporating ample storage, efficient workspaces, and comfortable seating areas.

5. Warm Hues

One common element often found in modern farmhouse interiors is the emanation of warmth, which is instilled through warm colours on walls and furniture. When furnishing your rustic farmhouse, the primary goal is to create a comfortable and quaint ambience. This largely depends on your choice of colours. Consider popular warm shades such as burnt sugar, ash, cherry wood, caramel, taupe, cacao, and mahogany. Take some time to sit with a colour palette and discuss it with your farmhouse interior designer to ensure the right selection for your perfect farmhouse aesthetic.

6. Transform with Sustainable Fabrics

A promising farmhouse interior designer will always recommend sustainable fabrics, for it’s not just a conscious choice but also adds texture, organic feel and character to the space. Natural and commonly found fabrics like cotton, jute, wool, and bamboo add an instant dash of luxury with their supreme textures.

Comfortable and sustainable fabrics for your interiors

7. Handmade Earthy lamps and vases

Earthen lamps are among the most beautiful and authentic pieces revered by numerous farmhouse interior designers. Every other modern farmhouse interior designer vouches for these pieces for their ability to exude character, simplicity, and affordable cost.

These earthy vessels can be used as decorative accents, showcasing freshly picked flowers or dried botanicals for a simple yet striking display. Their warm and earthy tones create a sense of grounding and connection with nature, adding a comforting and organic feel to your farmhouse interiors. Whether placed on shelves, mantels, or dining tables, the use of earthen pots and vases adds a timeless and rustic elegance to your farmhouse decor.

Earthy vases and planters for a refreshing look

Owning a farmhouse is a rewarding experience, and the key to enhancing its beauty lies in the expertise of renowned interior design firms. Interior designing firms like Studio Interplay have offered impeccable interior design consultancy services to numerous reputed clients across the city. With its expertise in modern interior design, Studio Interplay is undoubtedly a top choice for anyone seeking exceptional design solutions.


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