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Modern-Day Interior Design Tips to Uplift Your Space

Updated: Mar 21

Elvis Presley rightly said- ‘Home is Where the Heart Is’. This makes a huge sense when discussing interior design for your home. Hardly anyone doesn’t wish to return to a place that doesn’t define them, their personality, and their taste. But what most people misapprehend is what vibe will suit their residential interior design. From minimalistic to industrial, vibrant to monochrome, the list of interior designers in gurgaon for home is endless. So, how do you apprehend the ideal design for your home? Understanding your concern, Studio Interplay has picked the top interior design tips for completely accessorising your home.

Let’s get started.

Modern-Day Interior Design Tips to Uplift Your Space (2023)

1. Welcoming Back Warm-Wood Tones

A If you have a soft spot for depth, warmth, coziness, and intimacy, warm-wood tones are the perfect pick for you. Put some pieces in your washroom, living room, or ceilings. You can put your plants in a warm-wood-toned planter, place a warm-wood-toned bathroom organiser, and so on. For your living room, you can renovate it by adding statement pieces like wooden ceiling lights, uplifting the ambience by pairing wooden frames with your family photos, putting wooden blinds, and instantly adding cosiness to the surroundings.

2. Neutrals - The Colour of the Contemporary

Modern-day people are hoarders of minimalism and sanity, and neutrals are the ideal colours that brace these notions. Grey, black, white, beige, brown, and similar colours are found in every reputed villa interior designer’s catalogue due to a reason. They instantly make your room appear a hundred times polished and elegant. It brings forward uniformity. If you wish a tinge of embellishment, twin it with gold, silver, or similar shades. The ideal way to proceed with this is to go with a neutral colour-painted wall with magnificent accessories.

3. Functional Pantries Made It to News

Pantries didn’t go anywhere; it was here, always. This is evident from the extraordinary pantries that are utilitarian and offer a generous amount of space. In fact, the requirement for pantries was even more realised during the pandemic when the act of organisation was prioritised. People started giving the pantry its due importance by planning meals, sorting groceries, making shopping lists, and also storing dry goods.

4. Ultimate Blend of Old and New

If you think pairing antiques with your contemporary design will make it look commonplace, then you are wrong. Blending antique finds with state-of-the-art design will offer a chic look to your home. If you own a penthouse, fusing the traditional with the modern is the ideal way to go. Just ensure that your penthouse interior design doesn’t comprise too many period pieces in one place.

5. Minimalistic Yet Functional Furnishings

By now, it is a regular fact that contemporary designs believe in - less is more. Start by choosing modern-style home furnishing like arches, ornate columns, white boucle sofas, and more products that offer an intimate feeling. For adding functionality, you can choose to place an ottoman or bench with storage options to ensure an organised and elegant place.

6. Statement Light Fixtures: Modern Interior Design Tips

Gone are the days of fixing regular-looking light fixtures. Start investing in statement pieces, unlike traditional lanterns and pairs of lanterns. Contemporary time mostly deals with experimentalism, and multi-point lighting is a great way to augment the light work.

Modern-Day Interior Design Tips to Uplift Your Space (2023)

7. Offer a Facelift to your Washroom Floors and Walls

Why only emphasise your home walls and floors, leaving your bathroom ones alone? You can offer your villa interior design a facelift by going retro with hexagons, circles, rhomboids, and more. These tiles have been marking their presence for a prolonged time. You can choose some retro greys, whites, and black shapes to make it look modern.

8. Modern-Day Accessories

Today’s accessories are inclined towards simplicity and little embellishment. You can choose to showcase your originality and get an interior designer who will also fathom your imagination. For instance, modern interior design tips like adding lamps and unique artefacts will instantly uplift your room’s authenticity. Remember, contemporary homes demand more elements with a personal touch that adds depth and character.

9. Upscaling Glasswares

Why throw away obsolete glassware when you can revamp those pieces? Dishes, mugs, glasses, picture frames, and more can be redesigned imaginatively. You can try out painting them, do some woodwork, turn your dining table into a cozy coffee table, and more. Bring out your inner child and try fixing those broken pieces into something creative.

Only a reputed & best interior designer in gurgaon can get your home interiors done most splendidly. An experienced interior designing company like Studio Interplay can anticipate your desires and offer a ravishing home. Our bespoke attention to every intricate detail of our clients has made us the go-to designing company in Gurgaon. So, when are you connecting with us?


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